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Pyrops Candelaria

Cicada Thailand Item # 15238

Siproeta (Victorina) Stelenes

The Malachite Junin, Peru Item # 15223

Cymothoe Sangaris

Blood Red Glider Central Africa Item # 15095

Phoebus Rurina

Tailed Sulphur Venezuela Item # 15066

Penthicodes Atomaria

Cicada Sumatra Item # 15232

Morpho Didius

Blue Morpho Peru Item # 15255

Urania Leilus

Day Flying Moth South America /Amazon Item # 15044

Urania Leilus Terrarium

Day Flying moths with found objects and air plants.

Water Lilies

Painted lilies on an old window.

Eurytides Protesilaus

Zebra Swallowtail South America Item # 15104